Personal Training

Personal training is the heart of Holladay Health and Fitness. That’s why we have the most skilled and experienced personal trainers around. We want you to realize your personal fitness goals, whatever they may be. From something as small as losing 10 lbs. for a daughter’s wedding to something as grandiose as training for an ultra-marathon, we’re here to help. We help you formulate your fitness and wellness goals based on what's realistic and what’s important—to you—not to the latest fashion or fitness fad. We’ll make sure that when you reach your goal, you look and feel great and you’re ready to incorporate everything you’ve learned into your daily routine.

Our personal trainers are so interested in meeting you on your own ground that we will, literally, meet you “on your own ground.” If you would rather have us come to you, we’ll do that. You can have your personal trainer meet you in the privacy of your own home and have your training session there. There simply are no excuses for not having a personal trainer, especially not, “Oh, it’s such a hassle to go to the gym.” For the utmost in personal training, arrange for your personal trainer to come to you.