Come and check our new Isokinetics equipment. Isokinetics is a training system that has taken the possibility of injury out of physical conditioning. This new equipment has many new features that allow the individual to use more weight at a faster speed than they normally would do in other workouts. Beginners, weekend warriors, high school, college, and professional athletes will all see a tremendous improvement in their conditioning, speed, strength, and reflex time.
The benefits of hydraulic resistance training for safe injury rehabilitation have been known and utilized for some time. The nature of hydraulic resistance allows the body’s own pain reflex feedback mechanism to control the amount of stress placed on healing structures. The Isokinetic Rotary Pump System is ideal for muscle conditioning as it places the resistance source through the center of the axis of the injured joint.
Isokinetic training has integrated rehabilitation, sports training, and physical wellness with knowledge of over 20 years of sports therapy to introduce the most superior workout program on the market today.

Why Fast Athlete USA?

Our high-speed isokinetic training system involves a variety of hydraulic based machines that are concentric load only. This allows you to safely train muscle groups at the same high speed in which they perform on their field of play. It is this unique format that provides an immediate and deliberate training of the central nervous system and the recruitment of fast twitch muscle fibers, which will increase your speed of reaction. Many years have been dedicated to the design and development of our line of TEKS equipment. The core technology of TEKS is the bidirectional resistance action that is linked to an advanced Computer Managed Training System (CMTS) to provide real-time information as you perform the exercise. To date this is the only resistance training system of its kind in the world and it is currently available at Holladay Health & Fitness.