Fast Athlete, USA

• For the youth athlete
• For the High School Athlete
• For the College Athlete
• For the Professional Athlete
What is Fast Athlete?
Fast Athlete is a program to help serious competitive athletes improve and reach their goals—fast. If they need to cut a second off of their 50-meter time or increase their vertical leap, or run their fastest 10-K, Fast Athlete can help, and it can help for the next game, the next race, or the next season. We’ll be offering Fast Athlete after the first of the year. With Isokinetics and computer-driven exercise training, the athlete can now train at high speeds of 300 to 900 degrees per second with only concentric load, requiring no load on the joints or stretch on the muscle. By utilizing different speeds throughout the range of motion, the nervous system is trained to move more rapidly through the slow-twitch and medium-twitch peripheral reflex arcs and then “fire off” using the quick-twitch reflex arc. This immediate and deliberate training of the quick-twitch nerve fiber increases the speed at which the muscles react. Increased power equals increased performance.