Client Experience

Robin Leishman

After four years of sitting at a computer, I found my athletic body was no longer athletic. In fact, it was soft and fat. I hated the way I looked. But with early-morning, bi-weekly training workouts with Rob, I got the structure I needed and the body I wanted. I needed that consistency that having a personal trainer gives you. The results are obvious. I went from a size 14 to a size 4!

Barbara Erickson

Through exercise and therapy, I am now free of the pain I had experienced for years. My trainers at Holladay Health and Fitness worked with my doctor to design the type of exercises that would strengthen my back, neck and every other muscle that was causing weakness and pain in my 65-year-old body. I feel so good after my exercise sessions, and I feel so much better all the time that it’s really miraculous.

Martha Felt Barton

I wanted a place to work out where I wouldn’t feel intimidated and that was small enough I would get to know the other clients. Holladay Health and Fitness is that place. If I want a workout with a trainer where I’m working at my maximum capacity and really toning my body, I can get it. If I want to come with my husband and watch the U.S. Open while we train, I can get that too. The clients and trainers are now people I consider friends, and I always know I’ll leave feeling better than when I came. It’s the perfect mix of atmosphere, people, and training.

AJ Martine

Anyone who has ever been overweight knows that your self-esteem is non-existent; and poor self-esteem makes you reluctant to put on sweats and work out in front of others at a big gym. At Holladay Health and Fitness, it’s different. After a few weeks, I felt at home. I didn’t feel intimidated. I got nothing but encouragement—not just from the staff, but from the other members who work out at the gym. And when I asked for it, I got advice. It’s like working out in your own home with friends—friends of all ages but differing athletic abilities and goals. There is no pressure to be a super-model or Superman, no critical judgment, no unsolicited advice. There is a lot of positive reinforcement, support, and smiles.

Donna Moriarty

Through diet analysis and nutritional counseling at Holladay Health & Fitness, I am eating and feeling better than I ever have. Holladay Health and Fitness has an exercise and menu planning program that makes me feel like I have control over my own health and fitness.

Noelle Blaisdell

I feel that because of weight training with Holladay Health & Fitness, I am more in control mentally, emotionally, and physically than I’ve ever been. I’ve been able to shape my body in a way that I’m comfortable with. When I work out, I gain a natural emotional high that lasts for hours. I get such a feeling of accomplishment, and the overall benefits from toning and shaping are priceless.