About The Studio

About Us

Holladay Health & Fitness is located in the heart of Holladay at 4751 South Holladay Blvd. Holladay, Utah.   It has been an integral part of the Salt Lake Valley for more than a decade. The studio focuses on personal attention, and that’s evident the minute you enter the beautifully appointed waiting area, dressing rooms, and separate exercise areas. “It’s all about me,” our clients say, and that’s the crux of our philosophy. Whether it’s personal training, nutritional help, athletic goals, or general wellness, it will always be all about you.
     Holladay Health and Fitness is somewhere you’ll feel comfortable from the first time you meet the staff. You’ll get to know the trainers and the patrons so well that it will almost seem like home, but you don’t have to mow the lawn or take out the garbage. “People don’t put on their make-up and their designer clothes to come to our gym,” Owner and Manager Rob Dunfield explains. “It’s somewhere that you’ll never feel intimidated, not by our trainers and not by our clients. It’s sort of like Cheers, but Norm has a personal trainer instead of a beer.”

Take A Tour

Please call us for your special tour of our studios so that you can see exactly what we mean. We’d say, “Drop in any time,” but remember, when we’re with a client, that client has all of our attention.